Adapt Xavitech’s diaphragm pumps to your needs

Xavitech’s intelligent diaphragm pumps have features and functions that are adaptable to your wants and needs. Read more about the technology and the functions that make it possible to tailor solutions.

Increase adaptation with Xavitech’s software options

Xavitech’s pumps can be calibrated with different functions with microcontrollers that are built into the pump. This provides unique advantages compared to traditional diaphragm pumps.

Calibrate the flow according to your requests

Each pump in the BLACK Edition is tested and calibrated either to a standard flow or to your requested setting. There is even the possibility to calibrate max vacuum/pressure if it is important to your application that max vacuum/pressure not exceed a specific level.

Constant frequency regardless of back pressure

This is a function that makes it possible for you, the customer, to get the same flow from a pump regardless of whether back pressure to the pump increases or decreases. For example, if your system has a sampling hose that can vary in length, then we can calibrate the pump so that it maintains a constant flow regardless of the length of the hose (within certain limits).

Sound insulation function for sensitive environments

In certain environments it is important that sound and vibration from the pump are low. If you choose a pump from Xavitech, it is possible to reduce the sound and vibrations from the pump with the help of software. This does affect the flow to a certain degree. Ask us if it is applicable in your application.

Feedback from the pump promotes optimization

It is even possible, via serial protocol, to receive feedback from the pump. Some common parameters for reading include the temperature within the pump and changes in electrical usage by the pumps. This is done, for example, to detect occlusions as well as receive feedback on when a pump stroke occurs in order to know the best time to conduct a reading from the external sensors.

Flow control increases options

You can accurately control the pump frequency and in this way vary the pump’s flow. This enables you to create different flow modes for the pump without varying the input voltage and affecting the max vacuum or max pressure performance. Currently, we have customers that use this function to have a “normal” mode for the flow and then be able to change to a “max” mode to be able to empty the system of air, etc.

Battery operation with constant flow

Xavitech’s pumps can be plugged in and run on batteries. What is unique is that they are able to deliver the same flow regardless of whether the battery is fully charged or nearly empty. With other brands, the voltage drops as the battery discharges. In other words, you do not need to supplement your Xavitech pump with a voltage regulator in order to maintain a steady flow.