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Xavitech’s micropumps are suitable for almost any application where a flow of air and gas is needed. We can help you right now to choose the correct micropump for your application.

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mini air pumps

ORANGE Edition

ORANGE Edition is suitable for devices that are cost sensitive. We have created the Orange edition for applications such as handheld devices and consumer products. Contact us for more information.

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small air pumps

BLACK Edition

Xavitech’s BLACK Edition gives you alot of flexibility . The Black Edition is suitable for devices were long lifetime and accurate control is required. We can help you improve your system with the Black Edition pumps. Ask what we can do for you!

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Adapt Xavitech’s diaphragm pumps to your needs

Xavitech’s intelligent diaphragm pumps have features and functions that are adaptable to your wants and needs. Read more about the technology and the functions that make it possible to tailor solutions.

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Companies that purchased our pump

Cambridge Sensotec

Cambridge Sensotec manufacture gas analysers for industrial process and academic R&D applications. They use the Xavitech pumps in their entire range of Rapidox gas anlysers.

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Lumense Inc.

Lumense is producing a real-time chemical and biological sensor designed to operate continuously and unsurpassable lifetime was crucial when they chose Xavitech pump.

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– Xavitech’s micro pump gave us a more competitive product on the market. The words come from Sigvard Weisbjerg, former MD at Nonin medical AB in Sweden.

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Xavitech is looking for distribution partners

As part of our success strategy, we are now looking for distributors and agents to partner with in our expanding reach into the market.

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