Accessories and Development Tools for Xavitech Micro Pumps

Supplement and adapt your selected pump with accessories and development tools from Xavitech. Our pump holder, Flow Calibration Unit and Adapter PCB increase possibilities and user friendliness.

Pump Controller BT (App)


Connect an Intelligent Xavitech Black edition 5-cable/flex connection pump to our Bluetooth adapter and connect your android device to the pump. Experiment with different flows, store new settings and restore to original speed. Only available for the Intelligent Black edition pumps.

Power supply: 5/12/24 V, DC connector with 2.1 mm inner diameter (center pin) and 5.5 mm outer diameter. Polarity: Center pin positive.

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Data sheet Pump Controller BT
How to use the App (Video)

Adapter PCB


A simple circuit board that provides screw terminals for easily connecting your pump.

Data sheet Adapter PCB

Analog Flow Controller (AFC)


Control the flow rate/pump speed with a potentiometer. For Intelligent and Analog 5-cable/flex connection and 3-cable pumps.

Data sheet Analog Flow Controller

Computer Adapter


The Computer Adapter can be used to send serial commands to a Black Xavitech pump. The adapter connects via USB and will create a virtual com port on your computer. Please refer to the Serial Interface section in the pump datasheet for information on how to communicate with the pump. The adapter works with Linux, Windows and Mac. Connect power to VCC and GND on the screw terminal. Voltage supplied on the screw terminals must be the same as for what the connected pump is rated for. The other connections on the screw terminal can only be used if not connected via USB. For the Intelligent 5-cable/ flex connection pumps.

Pump Holder


Our pump holders make it easy to install the pumps into different types of systems. The holders are made of silicone and can easily be installed on the pump and also, for example, on a circuit board. The soft silicone material also reduces sound and vibrations. Available for the 200 and 1500 pumps.

 Data sheet V200/P200
 Data sheet V1500/P1500

Silicone Tubing


Get started directly with your Xavitech pump test. We offer silicone tubes with correct dimensions for both the Black- and Orange edition 200 and 1500 pumps.

Tube Connectors


For harder tubings or steel pipe connections with an outer dimension of 4 mm we recommend using tube connectors. We offer two shapes, straight and L-shape. The tube connectors fit all 1500 pumps.