Xavitech is Changing the Market of Micro Pumps

Xavitech develops and sells micro pumps with a unique technology on an international market. Micro pumps from Xavitech are even represented in space.

Company History

Mr. Johan Stenberg founded Xavitech in 2005 with the ambition of changing the pump market. The founder got the idea for the company while working with capnography and gas sampling in general. He realized that micro pumps were too expensive and created multiple problems when they broke, time and time again. That was something Xavitech would change. During the first years, Xavitech developed their unique pump technology.

To find out what the market thought about it, Xavitech exhibited it at one of the world’s largest medical technical exhibitions (Medica) in Düsseldorf, Germany. The response was extremely positive. Most noticeable was when one of the company’s competitors came past and said that this was the most fun thing to have happened in the pump industry in the past 30 years. This strengthened both the ambition and development, and sales of the pumps continued.

Xavitech on the International Market – And in Space

We employ both direct sales as well as cooperate with distributors. Today, we sell our pumps all over the world – and are even represented in space. Xavitech delivered pumps to NASA and the pumps are installed in a project on ISS. Xavitech continuously strives to develop and strengthen their own technology, while simultaneously working to help our customers design optimal systems.

Our expertise within electronics and software as well as mechanical engineering makes our team extremely strong and well suited to guide you to the best system, from choice of pump to integration. We strive to ensure that you, our customer, will be totally satisfied with our technology and service. Not until we reach our goals, are we at Xavitech satisfied.

Business Concept

Xavitech Micropumps AB’s business concept is to provide patented micro pumps for both gases, with built-in processes and embedded software, for use in volume-manufactured products.

Business Objective

Xavitech Micropumps AB’s business objective is to be the innovative world leader and the supplier of intelligent, cost-saving micro pumps with built-in control functions, and to also become one of the leading suppliers for micro pumps in gas-sampling products for both medical and the industrial market.


Xavitech Micropumps AB’s technological advantages are protected by patents in every key country in the micropump market. At present, the business is supported by four granted patents and a number of patents pending.

Future of the Micropump

Two independent market researchers who have studied the market and outlook for micro pumps point out two key areas. One is miniaturization and the other is programmability. We are pleased to note that Xavitech® is already active in both.

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