We Are Changing the Plastic in All Standard Pumps!

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Dear customer,
In 2021 we will be changing the plastic in all Black pumps. The plastic housing to the pumps was previously made from PBT-Celanex. This plastic is very low in demand and is becoming harder to purchase. We are now changing to POM-Hostaform.

The change will not affect the quality or performance of the pump or how you can use our pumps. If you specifically need a pump with PBT-Celanex, please reach out to us and we will do our best to sort this out.
The plastic housetop is made from PPS and will continue to be the same.

The new plastic housing will be slowly introduced this year, as we use up the parts we still have in stock.

For more information send an email to your sales contact Or to: sales@xavitech.com