Accessories and development tools for micro pumps – Xavitech

Supplement and adapt your selected pump with accessories and development tools from Xavitech. Our pump holder, flow calibration and PCB adapter increase possibilities and user friendliness.

Flow Calibration Unit

To facilitate installing the pumps, we have developed our Flow Calibration Unit (FCU). Connect the pump and the other flow with only a few pushes of a button. When that is done, you can then place the pump into your system with the desired flow. It cannot get any simpler for you, the user.

 Data sheet flow calibration unit

Pump holder

Our pump holders solve the need to be able to install the pumps into different systems. The holders are made of silicon and can easily be installed on the pump and also, for example, on a circuit board. The soft silicon material even reduces both sound and vibrations. It is available for both the V/P200 and V/P1500 and fits both the BLACK Edition and the ORANGE Edition.

 Data sheet V200/P200
 Data sheet V1500/P1500

PCB adapter

Xavitech’s PCB adapter is a simple little circuit board that you can use if you have pumps with flex contacts and want to use cables instead.